Friday, October 20, 2006

Neophyte no more!

Nung una trip trip lang. Sinubukan kong magsurf sa net ng porno. Ayos, ok pala. Para akong nagbibinata pa lang sa dami ng nakita ko. Sumali sa mga adult groups. Medyo dyahe pero aaminin ko na medyo late bloomer ako pagdating sa mundong ganito, pero aaminin ko naiexcite ako. Sa kung ano ang puwedeng mangyari sa akin dito. Sa mga makikilala ko dito.

Alam kong bago ito, na malayong-malayo sa mundong ginagalawan ko. Pero kahit kelan, hindi ako umaatras sa kahit anong hamon ng buhay. At nakahanda na ako sa bagong kabanatang ito ng buhay ko...

Medyo lang ang drama dito dahil gaya nga ng sabi ko, boring yun. In this world... Fuck Counts!

Monday, October 16, 2006

inside the world of a hustling mind...

This account was intentionally designed to sow my wild oats. The postings here will show my dark sides which I think must be chanelled to some form, somehow.

It has my fantasies. Wild obscene fantasies. I'm fascinated with sex. Sex in any place, at anytime. But SAFE SEX. For instance, my strong desire to engage in a threesome or orgy. My addicttion to flesh. It contains supressed emotions, failed dreams, frustrations, perverted ideas and exhibitionism.

But then again, these are all fantasies. I like to meet real friends too and have fun with them. Just to let you guys know that Im not only thinking about that four-letter-word all the time, I'm also a funny guy, afterall, it is still the best combination of all. Sex and fun!

I believe I have to go and live a piece of life. To try and see if its possible. I am like a child. I would always be unhappy if I didn't try.